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Hi There! I'm Cori Johnson.

I’m a trained counselor, health and fitness nerd, and runner since middle school. My passion is supporting moms to better health, by teaching them to tune in and listen to their bodies and becoming the confident, connected, strong women they know they truly are.

I created the Love Strong Mom Formula to give women a guide to embracing her inner athlete, learning to eat intuitively, and uncovering the energy, strength, and confidence she desires to achieve long-term health and fitness without counting or obsessing. If you're ready to love strong, click the button below to learn more and get started!

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What Members Say About Love Strong Mom Formula

“This course taught me to slow down and think about my goals in chunks; it’s not all or nothing. Through slowing down, I became mindful of my actions and surroundings. I also discovered alternatives to mindless eating through using the workbook and writing down activities that I can engage in, instead of grabbing the bag of pretzels.”

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