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Join me for one on one coaching to support you, hold you accountable and encourage you to live your best life.

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Hi There! I'm Cori Johnson.

I’m a mom of three and I run because it helps me feel like a better mom, wife, friend, and human being. My mission is to help you find that feeling, too. I want you to help you use fitness and self-care to find your most authentic, confident you. Because when you feel your best, you’ll feel your best about how you care for those you love. And we all know this is what matters most!

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What Moms Say About Coaching With Cori

Before, I would have used my soreness to not work out for a week or two or three. Instead I’m pushing through. I’m also going on five weeks of early morning runs, and am loving it!

Thank you all for your support and holding me accountable. This group was definitely the kick in the pants I needed to commit to a lifestyle change.

I have loved meeting new friends and making connections with awesome women. Also, I feel better about my body and more importantly, my body feels better! The endorphins from running make life better for yourself and those around you.